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Water Features

Come and see our extensive range of water features and statuary.

Kelkay, Aqua Creations, Henri Studio and Stowasis are our main suppliers of Water Features. 

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We have approximately 100 features actually working so you can see how much water noise each individual piece creates.

We stock a large range of self contained above ground features in either detailed cast resin or solid cast stone that is available in many different colours and shades of your choice. Most of these features include a pump so you can get your feature up and working with the minimum of time and effort.

We have a variety of contemporary stainless steel features available, including triple pipes, spheres in various sizes and water columns that are ideal in a more modern setting.

We stock a large range of natural slate and rock monoliths and drilled boulders and can provide the necessary pumps and reservoir pools to make your choice into a beautiful natural feature.

Complement your feature with a mist maker that generates a continued stream of light mist to add atmosphere and mystery to your setting, you can even fit a lighting system, be it low voltage or solar.

We are main stockists of Luxform, a good quality selection of lights with transformers that will bring your water feature to life.

Choose from among our large range of statue animals, urns, Chinese figures and pagodas to create the perfect focal point for your garden.