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Pool & Spa Chemicals

Pool and Spa Chemicals

We have a large range of swimming pool chemicals and treatments available to keep your pool water safe and sparkling, together with maintenance kits containing a range of tools including a hoover, surface skimmer, leaf net, brush and pole, so cleaning your pool is easy.

If you are having a problem with your pool water, bring in a litre sample for us to test, we will then be able point you in the right direction on how to eradicate the problem with a chemical programme.

We carry an extensive range of Fi-Clor pool & Spa chemicals and have since added the Lo-Chlor range.

We also stock Aquachek pool testers, these are one of the best on the market today for testing your pool.

Liquid Chlorine ( Sodium Hypochlorite ) is now in stock in 10ltr or 20ltr tubs, ideal way to shock your pool, especially for the above ground pools.

Above Ground Pools

We can provide a range of sizes of above ground pools either from stock or available to order, we also stock a range of pool accessories including, ladders for easy access to your pool, sand filters and cartridge filters in various sizes.

We stock Pool heaters ranging from mains electric and mobile gas heaters. In stock we have a range of filtration systems, pumps and pipes fittings for permanent installation. We have access to most major swimming pool suppliers and can source a large range of spares and equipment, please ask our knowledgeable staff to assist.


Pool and Spa Accessories                                              

We stock a wide range of pool and spa toys to enhance your bathing pleasure, from inflatable comfort cushions, floating Spa Bar for drinks and snacks, to subtle fragrances to add to your spa water to help you calm and relax.