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Pet & Aquatic Foods

We offer a wide range of pet foods and accessories all at very competitive prices together with helpful advice from our trained staff.

We stock all the leading brands of dog and cat foods, James Well Beloved, Bakers, Burns, Royal Cannin, Iams, Beta and Omega.

Anything that we do not have in stock we are able to obtain within a week.

Gardman, one of our wild bird range offers you everything that you would need to attract a garden full of wild birds ie: Great Tits, Blue Tits, Robins, Blackbirds, Thrush to name but a few to give you hours of pleasure.

Below are some ranges pf Pet oods we stock:

  • Natures Menu   Dog & Cat
  • Natures Menu   Frozen Dog Food
  • Ruts   Frozen Fish Food
  • Wide range of Small Animal foods, also Wild Animal food consisting of: Hedgehog, Squirel, Badgers and Foxes.
  • Full range of Cage Bird Seed and Tonics.
  • Full range of Small Holder Foods, consisting of: Cat, Dog, Birds and Small Animal treats.
  • Pond and Aquarium Food.

Why not pay us a visit and browse at your leisure and should you purchase anything that you are unable to take with  you, we will gladly deliver.