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Luxform Lighting

Lighting in the garden is very important to make the whole area come to life.

Why not sit back in the evenings and watch the place light up.

Morley Nurseries are proud to be stockists to one of the best 12v low voltage and solar lighting systems on the market.

Luxform have been in the industry for many years and have created some wonderful pieces.

Many people feel that the garden is an extension of their home and increasingly they wish to add style and atmosphere to their outdoor living space. Lighting the domestic garden creates a relaxing place in which to spend summer evenings and gives interesting views of the garden from the house on dark, winter nights. Lighting also provides a functional service illuminating paths, driveways and steps.

The range of garden and deck lighting offered by Luxform, offers a wide choice for every taste and allows the gardener to create a unique and special night time garden. Whether you wish to light paths, walls, drives, decks, borders, statues, specimen plants and ponds, or parasols and gazebos, Luxform can supply the right product to achieve the desired result.