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Lawn Care

We stock a varied selection of Lawn foods with or without weed killers, Top soil and lawn sand for laying a new lawn.

If you are going to buy grass seed buy the best, Canada Green or Johnsons, with or without rye.

If you need a spreader, we stock the right one for the job, no matter how large or small, from hand applicators to wheeled spreaders. We also stock appropriate spreaders for the fertilizer needed.

Any new lawn is going to need a bit of TLC during its first season. A little time invested really pays dividends and you'll end up with a really great looking lawn. And you will be more likely to prevent problems from developing later on. Try to avoid heavy use during the first full growing season after you've made your new lawn. This is when its most vulnerable as young grasses are not yet tough enough to withstand the onslaught of feet, barrows and ball games.